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General Policy

Mission, vision and values


Our mission to be an international company capable of developing and selling excellent products that combine innovation, quality and price, with the firm commitment of promoting a more environmentally responsible, environmentally-sustainable economy

Professional foodservice and commercial catering sector - offering the best solutions for Preserving, Handling, Serving, Displaying and Transporting food and for Cleaning, that guarantee customers' compliance with the highest food safety standards and contribute to the responsible use of foods, in turn providing greater cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Retail equipment sector - offering solutions for the transport of shopping and providing users with a unique shopping experience.


Our vision is to be the first-choice option for the profesional foodservice and commercial catering sector and for the retail equipment sector in both the national market and the international markets we aim to reach. We want to grow in a sustained manner, maintaining profitability to ensure the necessary investments for the development of the organisation, our people, products and support areas.



Quality Policy

ARAVEN’s mission is to offer foodservice professionals and the retail equipment sector excellent products that combine innovation, quality, price and design.

Our vision is to become the first-choice option for foodservice and commercial catering professionals and for the retail equipment sector in both the national market and in the international markets we aim to reach.

Our strategy is based on our Quality Management Policy, which has the main aim of enabling us to achieve our vision, to satisfy our customers' expectations and to seek solutions for all the stakeholders in our organisation.

To achieve this we focus on analysing the context and the needs of stakeholders, which helps us to determine our annual objectives and goals. We manage risks and opportunities by acting proactively and working on managing changes to deal with them with flexibility and confidence.

We focus on processes and on continuous improvement, which allows us to increase the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and the quality of our products and services, establishing the necessary controls on internal/external inputs of resources, the process itself and on its outputs.

We are aware of the importance of the Voice of the Customer and we specifically undertake to identify, understand and fulfil customer and applicable regulatory requirements; to identify and assess the risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of products and services and the capacity to increase and maintain our focus on customer satisfaction.

We are committed to periodically reviewing this quality policy , to communicating it to the whole of the organisation, ensuring it is complied with and making it available to all those persons, organisations or institutions that may affect or be affected by our company's activities.

ISO 9001:2015

ARAVEN has implemented and certified its Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Headquarters: Zaragoza

Environment Policy

At ARAVEN, a pioneering company in innovation and marketing of kitchenware, products for the foodservice sector and for the transport purchases, we go about our activities within a framework of respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable development.

Within this framework all of the members of the organisation are involved in this task and our basic principles are:

  1. Fulfilment of the requirements established for every job we carry out, obviously including legal and regulatory requirements, coordinating them with those of our Customers and Suppliers.
  2. Commitment to prevention of pollution and the impact on the environment, by appropriate management of environmental aspects deriving from our processes and activities.
  3. Minimisation of consumptions in processes and of generation of emissions and waste. Waste management and recycling.
  4. Promotion of our environmental commitment among our suppliers to engage them in it.
  5. Continuous improvement of the activities under way, to ensure the least possible impact on the environment.
  6. Proactive engagement of all Company personnel in the fulfilment of the above points and in the environmental value management of activities.

ARAVEN's Environmental Policy is everyone's responsibility and has the total support and backing of General Management; satisfactory fulfilment of this policy is considered to be a top priority.


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