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09 -12-2021

The initiative is “a step forward to integrate sustainability in the company’s DNA and to contribute to a better planet for next generations by more active policies”

The increasing use of recycled raw materials has been appreciated this year by awards to two of its products: Oceanis baskets and carts ranges given by the Observatorio de Innovación en Gran Consumo (Innovation in Big Consumption Observatory) and the 4eBin bulk dispenser in the Best!N Food contest.

Replacement of its vehicle fleet for others holding ECO label and the catalogues edition in PEFC certificated paper show the commitment of the business group to fostering their enviromental footprint all along their work.

Regarding social work, Araven Group has continued working together with different NGOs and charities and its support has enabled, for instance, to vaccinate over 900 children against pneumonia in Mozambique and Ethiopia

Boosting sustainability and decreasing environmental impact has continued being in 2021 one of Araven Group’s distinguishing marks, market leader in shopping equipment, visual merchandising and Horeca sector products. To consolidate this strategic commitment, the company has firmly gone onee step beyond by creating a Sustainability Department, so that corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be more and more a core of their diverse lines of work. Together with the other departments, it has carried out several measures to use resources efficiently and to protect environment, as well as to collaborate with social and awareness raising initiatives.

The launch and promotion of new products made of recycled material, the participation in international campaigns as the World Oceans Day, vaccine donation or collaboration with Fundación Cruzcampo (Cruzcampo Foundation) in young people’s labour integration in hostelry are some examples of this year actions to be increased in the future.

Blanca Saviron, Corporate Marketing and Retail Manager of Araven Group, has remarked, ‘We have been showing our commitment to environment and society for years. The time has come to go one step forward to integrate sustainability in the company’s DNA and to contribute by more active policies to give next generations a better planet’.

Besides ‘achieving our corresponding aims as UN Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda partner’, Savirón has remarked that the new department ‘will also provide competitiveness and growth’ in the company’s three activity areas: professional hostelry products, shopping baskets and carts and visual communication and merchandising solutions to retail sector.


As a core to this commitment to sustainability, the company has continued extending the measures for an efficient use of resources, circular economy, and environmental protection to all its processes and activities; it is to say, the way to get its income.

Araven Group’s Retail Business Division was already ground-breaking to offer shopping baskets and carts made of recycled plastic over ten years ago and 2020 was a milestone in its commitment to sustainable development spreading the use of recycled plastic to all its product range. They are made of 25% of sea recycled plastic pellets. By doing so Araven Group is contributing to fight against one of the main causes of oceans pollution and has decreased carbon dioxide emissions by several tons a year.

Besides, we must include here Oceanis range, a baskets and carts full range in aquamarine colour to raise awareness and struggle the problem of ‘ghost nets’, the equipment fishing ships lose and mean 27% of the waste damaging the seas. Araven donates part of the income from these sales to Plastic Change, an NGO devoted to reduce and manage properly plastic waste, by means of educational programs and waste collection activities. Last October this year’s contribution to cooperate against one of the world’s main environmental problema was donated.

Cerdá Institute has awarded Oceanis this year as one of the most innovative projects in 2020. Last March, the Institute recognised this carts and baskets family made of recycled sea plastic as one of the 20 most innovative initiatives in the 4th edition of the Innovation in Big Consumption Observatory.

In the launch of sustainable productos the 4eBin bulk dispenser by the Visual Merchandising Unit, the most sustainable bulk sales solution in the market, also stands out. It is made of recycled material and antibacterial additive, minimizes food waste by allowing users to help themselves the exact amount of food they need, reduces one-use plastic comsumption and boosts eco/bio product sales. This product was awarded with the Best!N Food 2021 prize due to their advantages for shops, consumers and environment.

Likewise a wide range of visual merchandising goods is made of 20% to 100% of recycled material (displays, frames, splitters, labels, trays, signals…) As a second pillar, Araven Group is incorporating the use of biomaterials such as PLA a fully biodegradable polymere, coming from renewable resources such as corn and sugar cane, to substitute those from fossil origin.


As a complement to the use of recycled and recyclable materials, this year a huge effort has been made to communicate the lines of sustainable solutions, telling its customers their diverse advantages. The aim of the company is not only to reduce its own environmental footprint, but also to encourage shops ans consumers to be able to collaborate against climate emergency too.

On these aims, a specific sustainability campaign for retail has been carried out due to the different international days: World Oceans Day, International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction, World Environment Day, International Mother Earth Day…

Likewise, the new catalogues by Araven Group specifically mention these initiatives and they also include practical information, such as a materials chart explaining the features, possible uses and advantages of each one.

The catalogues edition itself is also a proof that sustainability is a present value in the whole activity of the company. Thus, digital dissemination has been prioritised and the one printed in paper, sent to users such as distributors or educational institutions, has the PEFC stamp, certifying paper comes from sustainably managed woods.

All over its daily activity, Araven Group also continues implementing measures to reduce waste production, save energy, improve transport logistics… To do so, in 2021 the vehicle fleet has been replaced with models with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and ECO label.

Simultaneously. Araven Group continues doing research in increasing the use of recycled materials and to enhance aspects which already characterise its products, such as durability and uses, in order to help to save more and more energy, to prevent food waste and to care for health.


As a second main topic, Araven Group’s contribution to a responsible and sustainable future spreads to working together with several NGOs ans charities, in another way to support its principles and values ant to cooperate in common development.

For the second year in a row, Araven Group has taken part in the project Alianza Para la Vacunación (GAVI), together with Obra Social La Caixa. GAVI is an international association aimed at improving access to children vaccines in developing countries. Since its creation in 2000, it has enabled to immunize 822 million children against viral diseases.

Araven Group has donated money to vaccinate over 900 children in en Mozambique y Ethiopia against pneumonía, currently the main cause of children death of infectious illness. Due to its contribution, the company has been regarded as Silver Sponsor.

Other money contributions have been given to Fundación Banco de Alimentos, (Food Pantry Foundation) aiming at distributing free food to all the needy, and to Asociación Valdeperales (Valdeperales Association), in order to boost its employment programme for families and vulnerable groups by improving their computers room. Araven Group has also supported one of the most important cancer research associations by acquiring solidarity products made of sustainable materials for all group staff.

Goods donation is another policy. All over 2021 Araven Group has given away some carts to a temporary Covid-19 hospital in Mexico D.F, to help to carry clothes and health material; to the Order of Malta’s community kitchen in Madrid; to Fundación Los Pueyos, (Los Pueyos Foundation), in Villamayor (Zaragoza) and has been supportive sponsor of the “Gala Benéfica Club Inclucina” (Charity event by Club Inclucina), in which the main part were played by handicapped students of ATADES Association.

Another donation has been made to the Ronald McDonald House in Madrid, which houses sick children and their families while they receive treatment at the Niño Jesús hospital. Araven Group team has designed, manufactured and installed decorative vinyls in the rooms to make their stay more pleasant.

Also noteworthy is the work carried out to promote social integration, such as the agreement with the Cruzcampo Foundation, dedicated to promoting the employment of young people in the hotel and foodservice industry. Araven Group will offer professional training in food hygiene and safety at its school in Seville to improve their employability. Likewise, in Rivas (Madrid), the company has collaborated with the Rivas Más Empleo training program. The Rivas City Council has recognized Araven Group for its commitment to employment and social inclusion. In other areas, it has also promoted the hiring of people with disabilities and participated in the World Down Syndrome Day.

Internally, a Christmas food collection campaign was carried out for employees to be able to donate products. In Madrid, the company collaborated with Cáritas and in Zaragoza with the Food Bank.


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