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Europapress. Araven launches a new shopping cart for supermarkets

03 -07-2014

With a 360 degree swivel four-wheel base, a side coin locking system and ideal dimensions for the check-out line.

This Thursday, the Aragonese company, Araven, presented its new product, the Shop & Roll Loop 100L, a novel supermarket cart, although it can also be used in other establishments.
"Its compact, light, ergonomic and manageable design allow customers to do their shopping quickly and easily”, Raúl Purroy, Araven’s Marketing Director, and Javier Layus, the Commercial Equipment Business Director, explained to the media. The aim of this new shopping cart format, in Purroy’s words, is to “make the shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable”. So, the design of these new shopping carts includes several features that make it quick and easy to use, and which, at the same time, represent an advance and innovation in the sector.
The Shop & Roll Loop 100L cart has a continuous wrap-around handle, manoeuvrable from all four sides, which does not jut out from the cart, meaning that the user finds it easy to handle .
The product also has a base comprised of four 360º swivel wheels, separated from each other to be able to go down the aisles without knocking against anything. The height and size of the basket, which includes a side coin locking system, make it is easy and convenient to unload at the check-out line of the point of sale.


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