Food preservation

Reducing food waste improves your restaurant’s profitability

Cost savings and continuous improvement in restaurants is something that can be applied to all aspects of management, including food preservation. Waste and the amount of food that is thrown away due to poor provisioning and kitchen management not only results in problems of sustainability, but also represents higher costs for your business. To combat … Continued

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Food storage spaces that are well organised and optimised to improve OPERATIVE EXCELLENCE

Hospitality professionals more than anyone else know just how important it is for kitchen work areas to be well organised. Food preservation and storage rooms/areas have to be properly organised to reduce hygiene-health hazards, improve productivity and help ensure efficient kitchen management and the implementation of HACCP systems in restaurants. The following are the main … Continued

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How can we guarantee FOOD SAFETY in the foodservice industry?

Food hygiene and food safety is the number one priority in restaurants. Food intoxications, apart from affecting the health of diners, can also affect the prestige of a business and lead to serious financial loss and even legal problems.  For this reason it is of paramount importance to apply the principles of Hazard Analysis and … Continued

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