The spanish company and the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences have signed an agreement with Araven becoming their exclusive supplier of equipment.

Araven will participate in training projects for students of the University Degree and Master’s degrees for professionals of the Basque Culinary Center and both entities will also collaborate in product development and innovation projects.

Araven, a spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of items for hospitality professionals offering innovative equipment, has recently signed a five-year collaboration agreement with the Basque Culinary Center, the first Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in Spain. Both entities are going to join forces and experience in various training and research projects in the field of catering.

The director of the Basque Culinary Center, José María Aizega; and the director of the FoodService Division of Araven, Raúl Purroy, have been in charge of formalizing the agreement that is based essentially on three points: Advice and Equipment of spaces, Collaboration in R & D Projects and participation in Training Plans.


Convenio araven BCC
José María Aizega, director of the Basque Culinary Center, and Raúl Purroy, FoodService Division Director of Araven

One of the main points agreed in this agreement has been the Advice and Equipment of different spaces of the Basque Culinary Center. Araven, European leader in the areas of food preservation and handling, has focused their work on different areas; preservation and freezing rooms, dry storage areas and food processing spaces. The project consisted of providing specific solutions for each type of food and equipping each space in the most appropriate way according to its characteristics.

In this way, Araven has been selected, through this agreement, as the exclusive supplier of plastic equipment for the different work areas in the Basque Culinary Center.

Likewise, the agreement, recently signed, also contemplates a collaboration between the R + D + i Departments of the two entities, for which BCC will have priority in the use of the most innovative developments developed by Araven, even before its arrival on the market.

Throughout 2014, Araven also participated in the Training Plan of the Training Center and collaborated on the various training areas given both for professionals and Gastronomy enthusiasts.

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