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Araven’s new 2021-22 foodservice catalogue

This new catalogue is a comprehensive reference guide with information about food safety (legal regulations, characteristics of different materials…) and the benefits of all the different articles geared towards enhancing operational excellence and business profitability.

The 2021-22 catalogue has an additional 180 references, including products that Araven has launched in recent months, such as the new comprehensive ranges of Basic polycarbonate food pans and airtight containers and Gastronorm 2/1 containers for large volumes of food. Added to these are the new articles that have been included in its product families over this time (new container sizes, squeeze bottles, gel dispensers…)


The company has designed this new, almost 200-page catalogue as a highly useful tool for professionals, which will help them to organise the tasks they perform at the various stages in food management, and it also explains the key aspects and benefits of Araven’s products for each process: preservation (food pans and airtight containers), handling (cutting boards, squeeze bottles…), serving and display (trays, crockery…), transport (isothermal cabinets) and cleaning (waste bins …)

With its extensive range of products Araven reinforces its leading position in the HoReCa sector, especially in the food preservation and storage segment, with no less than six food container ranges, in different materials and Gastronorm sizes, which offer the right solution for all types of foods.


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