Covid19 – Prepare your kitchen for “delivery”

Many establishments are taking the initiative to temporarily change their business models and operate as “delivery” during the Covid-19 pandemic. But how do you make this transition?

While the new legislation allows food delivery services, this new business model involves a set of challenges and a learning curve to ensure that operations are carried out effectively and safely both in the kitchen and in the transport of the food. In today’s post we want to help you with some keys for the provisioning and management of food that comply with all hygienic-sanitary guarantees.






Food companies involved in each stage of the food chain are responsible for adopting all the measures available to them so that food products comply with hygiene standards and verify that this is the case. All appropriate sanitary conditions must be guaranteed throughout its entire production line, from primary production, processing, distribution, transportation, storage and sale to the final consumer.

Our products follow the highest hygiene and food safety standards on the market and allow us to work a complete offer completely safe. The permanent label on the container allows labeling on the container without the need to affix any adhesive label.





In these days where a variable and unknown demand prevails, food must be protected making it last longer and tools must be used to carry out good food hygiene and safety practices. Here are some tips to extend the shelf life of food:


1. Select the GastroNorm size of the Araven container that best suits the volume of raw material
to be preserved.

The more food the container contains, the less oxygen you will have inside it




2. When you close the container, press in the center of the lid to extract part of the air that is
inside it.






In the “food delivery” service, it is important to rethink the menus you prepare and focus the offer on those that add value. It will also serve you for better stock control and avoid food waste. Help yourself with tools that improve visual inventory management and optimization


1. Food control with FIFO system (First in, first out)

This system allows the first thing that entered your warehouse or conservation chamber to be the first thing you consume, thus avoiding unwanted losses.

Araven’s color clips in green, yellow, and red can help you classify foods by input and output.

2. Seven colors to identify the raw materials related to a certain menu.




Both in the transport of food for its supply and in the delivery to the client, we must pay attention that the product does not suffer sudden changes in temperature and that the food arrives safely at its destination. Loss of optimum refrigeration, freezing or serving temperature at any of the stages damages the safety and quality of the food.


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