Enrique Olvera joins the campaign “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”

Araven is adding Enrique Olvera, the prestigious Mexican chef who is ranked number 5 in Latin America, to its brand. The chef will take part in the campaign “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”, with which the Spanish company aims to strengthen collaboration with national and international chefs.

The chef will take part in the project along with other renowned Spanish chefs such as Martín Berasategui and Jesús Almagro who have already emphasized the advantages of using products from the leading company in the catering equipment sector.



Enrique Olvera (Mexico City, 1976) is the most prestigious chef in Mexico. His restaurant Pujol is ranked 25th in the list of the “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. Olvera’s cuisine is based on the culinary universe of Mexico and combines traditional and contemporary techniques, focusing specifically on using local products. Culture and ecology are part of the narrative of his dishes which are sustainable.


The Mexican chef was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and is currently part of the International Council of the Basque Culinary Center (which brings together the most influential chefs from the countries with the greatest gastronomic importance in the world who are responsible for advising on strategic tasks for the training center). Among his recognitions is the The Diners Club prize and 2 Chef’s Choice awards at the Gourmet Awards.

In 2014, he opened his first restaurant in New York: Cosme . It is an establishment which has captivated both the local public and the critics. The New York Times awarded him 3 stars. At the moment, Enrique Olvera is waiting to open Atla, another restaurant in the city. The Mexican chef also has 3 other restaurants spread around Mexico: Eno (with 4 branches in the capital city), Moxi and Manta . Enrique Olvera is the author of the books “Uno” (2010), “En la milpa” (2013), “Boomerang” (2015) and “Mexico de Adentro Hacia Afuera” (2015).




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