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GastroNorm containers in the professional kitchen

In the professional kitchens of restaurants and canteens as well as ice cream parlours or buffets there is a great variety of containers made of different materials: plastic, stainless steel that are used to preserve, move, cook, transport and serve food. The vast majority of these containers share a common denominator; its Gastronorm measurements. In today’s post we remember the indisputable advantages of the Gastronorm system

The Gastronorm standard was adopted by the European Standardization Organization under nomenclature EN 631.1. and refers to a format of standard measures that applies to both containers and their storage systems.

Its implementation has no discussion because it allows adaptation between all equipment, appliances and containers within the kitchen, cold rooms and display areas. That is why Araven uses the GastroNorm measurement standard as the main standard of sizes to be used for the production of their polypropylene, polycarbonate and silicone containers.

The basic dimensions, called GN 1/1, are 530 x 325 mm. according to the ES 631 standard. Based on this measure, there are subdivisions known as: GN 2/3, GN 1/2 GN 1/3, GN 1/4 GN 1/6, GN 1/9, GN 2/8 and 2/4 . There are also different depths of container, with the most common being common from 65 mm to 200 mm. which allow the standardisation of the capacities of the containers. The depth allows each container to adapt to the needs of the user in terms of capacity.


medidas gastronorm araven


GN 2/1 (530 x 650 mm)

GN 1/1 (530 x 325 mm)

GN 2/3 (354 x 325 mm)

GN 1/2 (265 x 325 mm)

GN 1/3 (176 x 325 mm)

GN 2/8 (132 x 325 mm)

GN 2/4 (530 x 162 mm)

GN 1/4 (265 x 162 mm)

GN 1/6 (176 x 162 mm)

GN 1/9 (176 x 108 mm)


Other advantages of GastroNorm (GN) measures

  • The GastroNorm standard also allows us to optimize the space during the different conservation-manipulation-cooking circuits and the GN format is nowadays a worldwide recognized method for the vacuum storage of utensils thanks to their stackability.


  • Simplification of the internal organization of the restaurant. GN containers ensure compatibility between different systems and spaces such as work tables, transport equipment or water baths.


In recent years, in addition to the aforementioned food containers, tools that adapt to Gastronorm measures such as grids, covers, isothermal cabinets, trays and cover holders have started to appear on the market … On the Araven website you will find more information on this range of products that share the most widespread measures in the catering sector.


GN 1/2 grille from Araven
GN 1/2 grille from Araven


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