Preservation of sauces during handling in the kitchen

Foods that need chilled temperatures to be preserved should be stored quickly to maintain the cold chain. This is important not only to preserve the quality, nutritional and organoleptic properties of food products, but also maintain the food in adequate safety conditions.

Food is affected mainly by the action of bacteria, which are very active at room temperature. Between 5ºC and 65ºC, the majority of potentially pathogenic microorganisms grow rapidly and multiply in a very short time. Cool temperatures do not destroy microorganisms, but slow down or stop their multiplication.

For this reason, food should be kept as little time as possible outside the cool room, especially during the summer, as there may be a rapid growth of microorganisms in the food. In the case of sauces and dressings, special attention must be paid to how they are preserved while they are being handled in the kitchen.


To this end, Araven has developed an sauce dispenser organizer or sauce squeeze bottles which help the hotelier to correctly preserve sauces while handling them. Putting ice inside the bottles allows the temperature of the sauces to remain low whilst they are being used, avoiding risks due to changes in temperature and avoiding the multiplication of bacteria

Remember to pay special attention to how the sauces are stored when they are on the preparation table at room temperature.

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