Serving trolley – your perfect partner for setting/clearing tables

Setting the tables is one of the key aspects of service at restaurants.  The dining room is the place where diners are going to spend most time during their visit to the restaurant so it is very important to take care of every last detail.

There are two parts to the task of setting tables at a restaurant: preparation/checking all of the items and then the actual process of setting the tables. Normally these tasks are done at the same time and using a serving trolley to assist saves a great deal of time because dining room staff do not have to move around as much as all that they need is on hand. Another of the advantages of serving trolleys is that they prevent workplace hazards because staff do not have carry heavy items such as dishes or cutlery.

A serving trolley is not only very useful for setting tables. Its versatility means that it is also of great use for clearing tables and for logistics tasks, such as the reception and distribution of goods, transporting items within the establishment or as a waiter’s trolley for room service.

Cutlery holder and containers – serving trolley accessories.

The serving trolley alone is a great aid in the dining room but if we add specifically designed accessories and tools for setting and clearing tables then these processes can be carried out even more efficiently and speedily.

Cutlery holder

Portacubiertos araven

The cutlery holder keeps keep cutlery tidy and clean after washing and drying, right up to the time they are placed on the table. Araven’s 4-compartment, GastroNorm 1/1 size cutlery holder is compatible with the rest of the installations at the establishment.



Grey and black containers for table waste and dirty utensils

Many establishments opt to use containers to transport cutlery or collect dishes and glasses.  Araven recommends using either grey or black containers for this purpose to distinguish them from the white or clear containers used in the kitchen. This way we can differentiate the containers for setting or clearing tables in the dining room from those that are in contact with food, adhering to optimal health and hygiene standards.

Furthermore, when clearing tables the black colour conceals waste in containers from diners. The black container for waste and the container for dirty cutlery can be placed on the four outer sides of the trolley to empty the contents of plates into them.


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