The french chef Pascal Barbot joins the list of great chefs who collaborate with Araven

Chef Pascal Barbot, described by the specialist media as “the best chef in France” or “the true white hope of France’s young cuisine” is the latest master chef to join the campaign entitled “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”, that aims to showcase the possibilities of its products in haute-cuisine restaurants

In the agreement signed with Chef Barbot, Araven will provide its equipment to optimize work areas in food preservation and handling spaces and the Chef will demonstrate and disseminate how he uses Araven’s products to prepare his top dishes.

This outstanding French chef, who trained alongside the maestro Alain Passard, opened his restaurant L’Astrance in Paris in 2001 and since 2007 it boasts three Michelin stars and is ranked 52 in the list of “The 50 Best Restaurants in the World”.


Chef Barbot is renowned for researching all the possibilities that a product can offer, working on all the different parts of the product and using the entire range of culinary techniques to achieve the most exuberant taste. His preoccupation with quality is also well known and has led him to open a small restaurant (maximum 28 diners) that has one set menu so as not to waste any products and to be able to offer the freshest market produce each day.

Barbot’s preoccupation with quality connects well with Araven’s spirit of investigation and innovation to offer products that enhance food handling and preservation, making this a very satisfactory collaboration for both parties.

Pascal Barbot has congratulated the company “for the quality of its work” and has stated, upon reaching this agreement: “I like to highlight the work of others and I love having fun in the kitchen; for this reason I’m delighted to share these rewarding moments with my collaborators, in this case, sharing and working with Araven”.

And, in the words of Manuel Rodríguez, Marketing Manager of Araven’s catering division: “It is a source of pride for us to have Chef Pascal as one of our collaborators; he is a professional with the very same work philosophy as Araven, who offers innovative proposals in which every last detail counts”.



With Pascal Barbot, there are now five chefs taking part in the campaign “Araven in the best kitchens”. The company has similar agreements with Pedro Subijana, Martín Berasategui, Jesús Almagro and Enrique Olvera. Araven also collaborates in training courses for new professionals at prestigious centres such as the Basque Culinary Centre, in San Sebastián, and the Paul Bocuse Institute, in Lyon (France).

Recently agreements have been renewed with Pedro Subijana, whose restaurant Akelarre also has three Michelin stars, and with the Mexican Enrique Olvera, in charge of Pujol, another of the restaurants on the list of  “The 50 Best Restaurants in the World”.

Araven has ongoing collaborations with Martín Berasategui, whose various restaurants boast a total of 8 Michelin stars and 18 “Diamond Awards” in the Caribbean, and with Jesús Almagro, winner of competitions such as the 10th Spanish Cuisine Championship or the National Catering Award to Technological Innovation.

At the same time Araven takes part in the extensive training programmes for future professionals, including collaborations with the Basque Culinary Centre and the Paul Bocuse Institute, two benchmark centres for haute cuisine training, in which students are taught correct practices for the use of plastic materials in the kitchen.

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