▪ Araven’s new 2021-22 catalogue includes 680 solutions for the HoReCa sector, 180 more than its previous catalogue two years ago.

▪ The Spanish company reinforces its market leadership, especially in the field of food preservation and storage, with six container ranges for all types of foodstuffs.

▪ The catalogue is now available in printed and PDF format, in six languages, and its almost 200 pages provide a comprehensive reference guide and good practice handbook for professionals, with information on correct food hygiene measures in different processes of preservation, handling, service, transport and cleaning.





(Wednesday, 14th September 2021) – The Spanish company Araven once again clearly shows that it is the market leader in products for the HoReCa sector following the presentation of its new 2021-22 catalogue. With the addition of its latest innovations, it has now reached a total of 680 references, which is 36% more than the previous catalogue published two years ago. This new catalogue includes all kinds of specific products to cover every possible need and process carried out by food service and hospitality professionals and it is also a comprehensive reference guide with information about food safety (legal regulations, characteristics of different materials…) and the benefits of all the different articles geared towards enhancing operational excellence and business profitability.

The 2021-22 catalogue has an additional 180 references, including products that Araven has launched in recent months, such as the new comprehensive ranges of Basic polycarbonate food pans and airtight containers and Gastronorm 2/1 containers for large volumes of food. Added to these are the new articles that have been included in its product families over this time (new container sizes, squeeze bottles, gel dispensers…)

The company has designed this new, almost 200-page catalogue as a highly useful tool for professionals, which will help them to organise the tasks they perform at the various stages in food management, and it also explains the key aspects and benefits of Araven’s products for each process: preservation (food pans and airtight containers), handling (cutting boards, squeeze bottles…), serving and display (trays, crockery…), transport (isothermal cabinets) and cleaning (waste bins …)

With its extensive range of products Araven reinforces its leading position in the HoReCa sector, especially in the food preservation and storage segment, with no less than six food container ranges, in different materials and Gastronorm sizes, which offer the right solution for all types of foods.





Manuel Rodríguez, Marketing Manager of Araven’s Food Service Division highlights the fact that with this new catalogue “we want to share Araven’s knowledge and experience over the years as providers of solutions for top kitchens”. As he underlines, “Araven’s products seek to help professionals comply with regulations and to carry out daily work, offering them  added value.”

The catalogue is also a work guide, with explanations on food safety rules and regulationscertifying systems and the different characteristics of materials used in the products. In collaboration with chefs worldwide,  Araven’s technicians work constantly to develop innovative products that guarantee food safety, as well as improving the operational excellenceprofitability and sustainability of businesses.

The food storage and preservation products, for example, meet the most stringent legal standards and offer numerous advantages with Araven’s exclusive patents, and designs that match the needs of food service and hospitality professionals. Airtight seals that prolong the useful life of food in optimal conditions, identification systems with permanent labels and colorclips, designs that optimise space and make cleaning easier are just some of the examples of the company’s commitment to innovation which is at the core of its endeavours.

With this same aim in mind, the company’s food handling products prevent cross-contamination,  and its range of products for food display meets the needs of kitchen and serving staff alike, containers for transporting food maintain the cold chain and Araven’s waste bins are the best allies for implementing HACCP systems in cleaning processes.

In addition to the catalogue, the company organises various training activities both in Spain and other countries as part of its strategic focus: face-to-face and online workshops, videos or guides.

You can download the 2020-21 catalogue from Araven’s website or ask for a printed version. In line with Araven’s international presence in over 70 countries, the catalogue is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.


Along with innovation in food safety, Araven is fully committed to sustainability, which is another of its forward-looking strategies. This concept is considered to be a strategic project involving every aspect of everyday working practices, which encompasses not just environmental aspects but also key social and economic considerations.

Araven’s products are reusable, highly durable and made of recycled materials. The catalogue also offers advice on how to implement solutions to achieve more sustainable businesses, by reducing food waste and extra costs.

Other equally important key issues taken onboard are minimising  emissions and waste generation in production and management processes, preventing environmental impacts in all processes, encouraging recycling and promoting these policies among customers and suppliers.

The catalogue is also an example of the value that is present in all of the company’s work. In addition to the digital version, the printed version of the catalogue, available for users such as distributors or teaching centres, has  the PEFC seal of approval certifying that the paper used comes from sustainably-managed forests.




Last year the Spanish company Araven and Grupo OM, two companies owned by GED Capital, agreed to merge under the new name of Araven Group. The new group has strengthened its leadership of the retail equipment sector – shopping baskets and carts and visual merchandising and the HoReCa industry.

The merger has consolidated the group making it a stronger, more robust organisation capable of responding on a larger scale and more effectively to market demands during times of major transformations. Araven Group combines the names of Araven and OM in its logo under the slogan “Passion to Innovate” and operates three business lines: Food Service, Retail Equipment and Visual Merchandising.

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