Araven extends its successful catering solutions to pizzerias and bakeries

  • The Araven Group brand’s latest offering is a tray for proofing, storing and transporting dough, designed with all the hallmark durability, resistance, ease of cleaning and handling, and modern design that have made Araven an industry leader


  • The new product is equipped with all the exclusive Aravan features, such as colour identification and engraved labels, that make professional work easier


  • This box offers a capacity of 18 litres and can be stably stacked in three different ways Additionally, its support lid doubles as a tray, and reinforced edges ensure durability



(Monday, 22 April 2024).-  Araven, the top brand in products for the hotel and catering industry within the Araven Group, brings the renowned advantages of durability, ease of use and sustainability that have made it an industry leader into pizzerias and bakeries. Its catalogue of 700-plus items now includes a new range of stackable-dough-box-60×40 for proofing pizza and other doughs that feature three stacking systems and are specifically designed for dough preparation, preservation, and transport without compromising its quality.

Measuring 60×40 cm with an external height of 10 cm and a capacity of 18 litres, the boxes are perfect for controlling the fermentation process of doughs while preserving and transporting preparations. The incorporation of a support lid that fits the edges of the tray ensures protection from environmental exposure and minimises the risk of contamination. With a clean surface, it can also be used as a tray.

The functional design of the trays allows for three fully stable stacking options:


Apilamiento cubetas 60x40 araven


Tower stacking, which uses the base of the upper tray as a lid for the lower one to prevent dough from drying out.




Especial apilamiento aireacion cubetas fermentar masas


Aeration stacking leaves one end of the tray open for dough cooling or gas release.




apilamiento en cruz fermentación masas araven


Crosswise stacking allows air to recirculate between the trays for fast, effective drying.






The pizza dough boxes also incorporate all the hallmarks of Araven products. The trays are reusable, recyclable, and designed for long-term use, facilitating the work of professionals in the catering industry.

Crafted in polypropylene, a highly durable and BPA-free material, these trays are engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 95 degrees Celsius.  The reinforced rim, complete with a perimeter grip zone, ensures easy handling and transport, while lateral reinforcements provide additional robustness and longevity. Designed with smooth inner walls, these trays facilitate effortless removal of dough, while rounded edges simplify cleaning.

Additionally, they feature the exclusive ColorClip identification system, consisting of coloured tabs for easy and 100% safe classification of each tray based on its contents. With four distinct coloursred, green, yellow, and blue—this system allows for efficient dough management by: size, raw material, distribution destination, production date, or other relevant criteria. This distinctive feature enables quick identification, streamlining workflow, ensuring traceability, and enhancing food safety protocols.


stackable dough trays pizzeria pizza shop


Moreover, the space for writing on the tray makes it easy to use the Araven Horeca Marker to add essential information, facilitating clear and effortless identification of the preserved food’s origin and handling.

These attributes underscore Araven Group’s strategic commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while providing products that empower customers to contribute to sustainability efforts by focusing on waste reduction, energy conservation, and combating food waste.




The newly introduced proofing trays expands Araven’s  product line of highly transparent bowls, introduced in 2023. These bowls are specifically designed for preparing doughs, mixtures, or fermentations, offering unparalleled visibility into the process.

With these latest additions, Araven continues to extend its renowned quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal to new sectors, further solidifying its position as an indispensable partner for leading chefs worldwide.Cubeta fermentacion masas 60x40 Aravem

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