Araven makes presenting dishes easy for the hospitality industry with its new mini and three-nozzle squeeze bottles

  • Mini squeeze bottles are the ideal solution for precision dispensing of concentrated and high-value sauces. Three-nozzle squeeze bottles simplify the process for the even application of decoration to dishes, making it quick and easy​
  • These new products come with all the technical features of the Araven squeeze bottle and sauce dispenser range to offer a better and more professional service: resistant to temperatures between -40 and 90 degrees Celsius, dishwasher safe, with measuring scale, reliable seal and precision, anti-drip nozzles.
  • These new additions to the range of existing sizes provide professionals with a tool for all their storage and dispensing needs for all kinds of dressings, sauces, reductions and syrups.
  • Araven continues to grow its range of products specifically for the hospitality industry, with 700 sustainable products designed to guarantee food safety and to improve the operating excellence and profitability of businesses.

(Monday, 19 December 2022).- Araven, the leading manufacturer of products for the hospitality industry, has has expanded its range of squeeze bottles and sauce dispensers with new mini squeeze bottles and three-nozzle squeeze bottles, specially designed to make plating and presenting dishes easy. With these new products, Araven continues to devise labour-saving products for the most exacting kitchens, boasting a catalogue that now features 700 different products.

Mini squeeze bottles are the ideal solution for precision dispensing of concentrated and high-value sauces. Available in 90-ml, 150-ml and 250-ml versions, they allow any dishes to be dressed and decorated with the precise amount of sauce.


Moreover, the three-nozzle squeeze bottle, which comes in 500-ml and 750-ml versions, allow sauce to be dispensed more evenly and make the plating process faster. What is more, the cap protects the three nozzles, improving sauce storage.

In addition to their specific features, both models come with all the technical features of the Araven sauce dispenser range for better professional service. These products comply with all European Union regulations. They are made from flexible, ergonomic and translucent polyethylene that is resistant to temperatures ranging between -40 and 90 degrees Celsius. They are also dishwasher-safe and reusable, and their wide opening makes them easy to fill and clean, while their reliable twist cap is quick to close. They come with a measuring scale, and their precision, anti-drip nozzles prevent a build-up that would block the opening, and they are easy to cut in order to control the flow of the bottle’s contents according to their thickness.



The Araven squeeze bottle range already included 350-ml, 500-ml, 750-ml and 1-litre versions, with coloured caps to make identification easy and space to add the necessary information to guarantee traceability. These new products provide kitchen staff with a tool that caters to all their needs for storing and dispensing all kinds of dressings of varying thicknesses, oils, sauces, reductions and syrups, among others.

As an accessory, the Araven squeeze bottle holder allows the work area to be kept tidy, making it convenient to work with different sauces quickly and hygienically. By filling it with ice, a low temperature can be maintained for handling, preventing risks of bacterial proliferation. It comes in Gastronorm sizes to hold 3, 8 or 11 squeeze bottles.

The squeeze bottle and sauce dispenser family demonstrates Araven’s goal of offering professionals in the hospitality industry sustainable products to guarantee food safety and to improve the operating excellence and profitability of businesses. The company’s catalogue features close to 700 solutions for all kitchen tasks: storage, handling, serving, transporting and cleaning, and products continue to be added, such as the new 100 per cent recycled, recyclable and reusable 3R waste bins, which come in three sizes and five colours for easier waste sorting.



In 2020, the Aragonese company Araven and Grupo OM, two companies in which GED Capital holds a stake, agreed to merge under the new name Araven Group. This has allowed the new group to strengthen its lead in the manufacture of products for the retail sector – with shopping baskets and trolleys, and visual merchandising – and the hospitality industry.

This union has consolidated a stronger and more solid group that is able to respond more capably and effectively to the demands of the market at a time of profound transformation. The Araven Group, whose logo combines the names Araven and OM with the motto “Passion to Innovate”, has three business lines: hospitality, shopping baskets and trolleys, and visual merchandising.


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