Araven, leader in the design and manufacture of products for the HoReCa industry, is launching its new tray designed for consuming food directly without the need for plates and which incorporates various innovative features aimed at improving its use.

The possibility of using one tray to cover another and the special grooves for cutlery are just two of the tray’s most original features



The spanish company Araven, leader in the  design, manufacture and marketing of products for professionals in the catering industry, has just added a new reference to its wide-ranging product catalogue, highlighting once again its capacity to innovate and improve the design of the utensils employed in all phases of food preparation and service.  On this occasion the product is a new self-service tray with five compartments, specially designed for mass catering: communal canteens, hospitals, schools, residences etc., which affords several benefits for both users and companies.

In communal dining halls or company canteens the 5-compartment tray is the main support for carrying food to the place where it is going to be eaten and on many occasions it is even used as a “table” for meals. For this reason Araven has decided to launch its range of 5- compartment, self-service trays with a design that differentiates them from the rest and helps to create a more pleasant, user-friendly environment.

The trays are made in one piece, in polycarbonate or reinforced polypropylene, making them light, extremely resistant to wear and easy to carry.  In addition they are designed so that food can be served and eaten on them safely and conveniently, without the need for a plate. The five compartments consist of two large spaces for main courses; two small spaces for desert, bread, a glass etc. and a central space for cutlery.  The most original features of these trays is that they have a groove in the food space to rest cutlery without it slipping into the compartment and the fact that thanks to an innovative design one empty tray can be used upside down as a cover, protecting food until it eaten.

The size of the trays has been carefully studied to optimise table space and side grips make it easier for users to pick the trays up and carry them. They are stackable, with one tray fitting on top of another, allowing full use of storage space.

Increasing importance is placed on diets being as varied as possible and eating utensils being perfectly clean and disinfected. This new 5-compartment tray has no sharp edges or nooks that may possibly harbour dirt; it is easy to clean both before and after use.

The material the tray is made of guarantees its stability and resistance when used intensively and washed repeatedly in a dishwasher. Polycarbonate is resistant to high impacts, lighter than stainless steel and it does not transmit the cold or heat of food to the user.  In addition, it is available in four colours that adapt to different decors and ambiences and it does not stain with food colours.

This Zaragoza-based company offers HoReCa professionals the same guarantees for its extensive catalogue of five hundred products ensuring maximum food quality: containers for storing food with health-hygiene guarantees; utensils for handling food; kitchenware for serving and displaying food; isothermal containers for transporting food at the correct temperature as well as waste bins and equipment to guarantee cleanliness.

As an invaluable partner in the most demanding daily tasks, Araven has been present in the kitchens of top professionals and in large retail outlets for more than forty years.

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