• Students benefitting from Talento Cruzcampo, the grants programme set up by the Cruzcampo Foundation, will receive training from Araven’s experts on different aspects of food handling and preservation to guarantee maximum conditions of safety and hygiene.
  • Araven’s technical personnel will also provide advice and assessment on equipment for food preservation and handling areas at the Cruzcampo Factory, the headquarters where the brewery’s foundation stages its training programmes, and which is another of the training centres with which the Spanish company collaborates, along with the Basque Culinary Center and the Institut Paul Bocuse.
  • Araven points out that this agreement highlights two of the company’s identifying traits: its commitment to training and its corporate social responsibility.




(Tuesday, 31st August 2021).- The Cruzcampo Foundation has joined the list of entities with which the Spanish company Araven, cooperates by providing professional training on food safety and hygiene. The two organisations have signed a collaboration agreement that stands out for its social impact, with Araven joining the endeavours of the Cruzcampo Foundation to further  employability among young people in the hospitality and food service industry.

Araven is the leading company in the design and manufacture of products for the HoReCa sector. One of its strategic commitments is to share its knowledge by offering training in different specific areas to professionals and students in the catering sector with talks and workshops in numerous education centres and organisations.

Araven has collaborated with the Escuela de Hostelería Fundación Cruzcampo (Cruzcampo Foundation School of Cateringin previous academic years, both with its training programmes and its online training for hospitality sector personnel, via the Aula Abierta platform.  This agreement means that Araven is now one of Cruzcampo Foundation’s regular collaborators, joining the list of other training centres that includes such prestigious names as the Basque Culinary Center (University of Gastronomic Sciences of San Sebastián) or the Institut Paul Bocuse, in France.


Regla Bejarano, Cruzcampo Foundation Director and Daniel Goicoechea, Head of Iberia Trade Marketing at Araven

The Cruzcampo Foundation is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting social initiatives since 1995. One of its hallmarks is its School of Catering, which is based at the original Cruzcampo factory in Seville, where it stages its Talento Cruzcampo course, among others.

Talento Cruzcampo offers grants consisting of a year’s practical training to encourage young people to improve their employability in the restaurant, hotel and catering sector. Both tuition fees and accommodation costs are covered for all grant-holders, who embark upon a practical programme in which they come into direct contact with the real public,  accompanied by restaurant professionals who help them to complete their training: a mentor during the course and a tutor during internships at national restaurants.

The agreement signed with Araven includes, in  first placeteacher-led training for these students. With the aid of its experts, the company will provide three training sessions that form part of the course curriculum: “Best practices for plastic materials in the kitchen”, “Organisation of preservation and storage spaces” and “Innovation and product development processes”.

Headquarters of the Cruzcampo Foundation in Seville


This will complete the training provided for these future professionals in an increasingly fundamental and demanded area, as is food safety.  Preserving products in optimal conditions is of crucial importance in  restaurant and hospitality businesses in order to offer the best culinary results and to improve profitability by reducing waste and losses.

A second part of the agreement also includes Araven’s assessment on equipment for the centre’s food preservation and storage spaces.  This way the Cruzcampo Factory, where the Cruzcampo Foundation has a teaching restaurant for students, is guaranteed to have the best working conditions, and the benefits of the agreement extend to the other students at the school and to the general public.

The agreement signed with the Cruzcampo Foundation has a term of 18 months and is renewable; it also includes the promotion of training programmes.

Manuel Rodríguez, Marketing Manager of Araven’s Food Service Division, underlined the company’s satisfaction at this agreement which highlights two of the company’s identifying traits by combining training and corporate social responsibility (CSR) as inherent parts of the different lines of work.



Last year the Spanish company Araven and Grupo OM, two companies owned by GED Capital, agreed to merge under the new name of Araven Group. The new group has strengthened its leadership of the retail equipment sector – shopping baskets and carts and visual merchandising and the HoReCa industry.

The merger has consolidated the group making it a stronger, more robust organisation capable of responding on a larger scale and more effectively to market demands during times of major transformations. Araven Group combines the names of Araven and OM in its logo under the slogan “Passion to Innovate” and operates three business lines: Food Service, Retail Equipment and Visual Merchandising.

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