70 L. Defrost Kit

70 L. Defrost kit is designed for defrost processes. Food will be placed inside the perforated drain box nested into the other food box, that will keep the liquid that comes out of food,  avoiding leaking and contamination of other food. Lower food fox will keep the liquid that comes out of food avoiding contact with food. Food should be covered with a lid to avoid contaminations.

Food identification systems integrated in the pieces to allow easy identification of the content and preserve the information associated with its origin or its manipulation (dates of elaboration, expiration or origin).

The color coding system is positioned at the base and allows reducing the risk of cross contamination and identifying the type of food that is stored in the container.

Polyethylene High density


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ItemColorsEAN CodeProduct dimensions in mm. LxWxHBox dimensions in mm. LxWxHUnits per boxBoxes per layerEURO 80x120x120EURO 80x120x240Capacity in liters
8411777018297650x530xh318660x545xh4051241070 L.

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