Drain tray, 375×300 mm. / 14 3/4”x11 7/8”

It is recommended that food should be thawed without its original packaging; place food in these containers to speed up the thawing process.
To avoid cross-contamination of exudates during thawing, our drain tray 375x300 mm. / 14 3/4”x11 7/8” size should be used to ensure that liquids are kept separate from the thawing food.
In food thawing processes, the drain tray used must be high enough to adapt to the bottom of the container and to keep the exudate separate from the food itself, as this exudate contains moisture and nutrients which encourage the growth of bacteria that deteriorate food.


Item Colors EAN Code Product dimensions in mm. LxWxH Box dimensions in mm. LxWxH Units per box Boxes per layer EURO 80x120x120 EURO 80x120x240 Capacity in liters
8411777011823 375x300x12 380x310x155 12 672 1440

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