The spanish company has renewed its contract, in effect since 2008, with the Head Chef of the Piñera restaurant in Madrid, Jesús Almagro, member of the Culinary Technical Committee of the Selección Española de Cocina Profesional (Spanish Professional Culinary Team) and who has had documentary made about him entitled “The chicken, the fish and the king crab”



Almagro states that he feels “proud to form part of a team in a company that is a benchmark for the industry in terms of its proven track record and the quality of the products it offers”

For its part, Araven highlights the fact that the chef’s professional approach helps to transmit the attributes of its products and that he also contributes his valuable experience in training through his collaboration with the company in the Master’s Course on Technique and Products run at the Basque Culinary Centre.


The spanish firm Araven has renewed its brand ambassador and assessor contract with the prestigious chef, Jesús Almagro, Head Chef at the Piñera restaurant in Madrid. The chef will continue to provide this leading company in the catering industry with all of the expertise he has accrued over the years he has worked at renowned restaurants, contributing to the design of the firm’s catering products and developing the company’s innovative ideas at his restaurant.

Jesús Almagro has worked side by side with the top chefs Arzak, Martín Berasategui or Pedro Larumbe. He has received awards at various prestigious events, such as the 10th Official Spanish Culinary Championship 2006 or at the “Bocuse D’Or 2007 20th  World Culinary Championship”. His experiences at this competition gave rise to the documentary entitled  “The chicken, the fish and the king crab”, nominated for the 2009 Goya Awards.

With regard to this relationship of more than seven years with Araven, Jesús Almagro highlights that “The company is a benchmark in the industry, both in terms of its track record and the quality of the products it offers, for this reason I am proud to form part of its team”. The prestigious chef mentions, in particular, “Araven’s strong investments into research and the development of tools for professionals”.

According to Almagro “over these past years we have worked together to overcome obstacles that make work in restaurants more difficult”. As well as his promotional work and assessment, the chef will be posting the results of his collaboration with the Aragonese firm in the form of useful tips or suggestions in Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #almagroyaraven).

Jesús Almagro will also continue contributing with his experience in the field of training. “As well as giving us his professional opinion and advice during the testing of our kitchen products, he is helping us with the Technique and Products Master’s Course we run at the Basque Culinary Center”, says Manuel Rodriguez, Marketing Manager at Araven, also pointing out that “his professional approach definitely helps us to highlight and transmit the different features and attributes of our products”

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