The renowned chef, whose restaurant boasts three Michelin stars, is the latest to take part in this initiative following other famous chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Jesús Almagro and the Mexican Enrique Olvera

Araven, the spanish company that is a leader in solutions for the food service industry, has fully equipped the kitchens of the Akelarre restaurant in Monte Igueldo, San Sebastián with a complete range of its products, resuming its collaboration with Subijana that first started in 2006. 




Araven, the leading company in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of articles for food service professionals is delighted that its brand image is now backed by  the prestigious chef with three Michelin stars, Pedro Subijana. Chef Subijana will be taking part in the campaign entitled “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”, an initiative through which the Aragonese company aims to forge close collaborations with national and international chefs.

In the campaign, the chef will demostrate how Araven’s range of products is used in his kitchen to achieve excellence in his dishes. The company has equipped the kitchens of the Akelarre restaurant in San Sebastián with all of its range of solutions for the food service sector – over 150 references.

The agreement got off to a start with a training session given by personnel from Araven to the restaurant’s team on “good practices in the use of plastics in the kitchen”, resolving queries and questions on the correct use of Araven’s products and explaining how these products help food service professionals to comply with food hygiene regulations. Araven also assisted with the organisation and optimisation of the restaurant’s food storage spaces and with equipping the food handling areas.

Chef Subijana joins the project entitled “Araven in the world’s best kitchens” along other renowned chefs, Martín Berasategui, Jesús Almagro and the Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, who have already demonstrated the advantages of using the products of this leading company in the food service equipment sector. A Zaragoza-based company with branches in Mexico and USA, Araven has resumed its collaboration with Pedro Subijana, which started back in 2006.

As Pedro Subijana points out: “Both Araven and I have been in the food service industry for more than 40 years and they provide the perfect tools for handling food correctly at the Akelarre restaurant” “Aspects such as the optimisation of storage space, control of packing dates, preparation and pre-preparation or the identification of food are key to efficient management; our passion is to do things better day by day and this is why we trust Araven”



Chef Pedro Subijana (San Sebastián, 1948) started his training at the Euromar school in Zarautz under the supervision of his maestro, now friend, Luis Irizar. His first steps as a professional were taken in Vitoria, followed by Tolosa, Hernani, Madrid and Estella, eventually joining Akelarre as its chef.

Soon after, together with Juan Mari Arzak, he spent several months at the restaurant of the famous French chef Paul Bocuse in Lyon, furthering his knowledge of the Nouvelle Cuisine. This was the starting point for the Basque Nouvelle Cuisine movement, of which these chefs became two of its main representatives and which developed over the course of the following decade, making Basque cuisine universally known and innovating without losing sights of its roots.

Awards for Pedro Subijana and his achievements at the Akelarre restaurant were soon to follow. In 1978 the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star and in 1979 the chef received the National Gastronomy Best Chef Award. In 1982 the magazine Club Gourmets named him the “best chef in Spain” (later in 1997 the same magazine was to consider him the best chef of the year), and in 1983 Akelarre was awarded its second Michelin star. After an unquestionably creative trajectory in which Pedro Subijana’s personal style of cuisine has evolved but still has its roots in Basque gastronomy, in 2007 Akelarre was awarded its third Michelin star (also receiving other awards in between, such as the Food of Spain Award presented to Subijana in 2000).

In addition to his creative, developmental work at his San Sebastián restaurant, Pedro Subijana has also carried out intensive teaching and dissemination activities, as a teacher at the Catering School where he himself studied as well as at other Spanish, European and American institutions and through the publication of a dozen books since 1992, the year when he also started to appear on Euskal Telebista TV in the programme “La Cocina de Pedro Subijana”.

From the magical coast of the Cantabrian Sea, the artistic ability and skills of Subijana along with his sustained work have taken him and his restaurant to the gastronomic summit and have meant that his cuisine is currently known worldwide. Akelarre’s facilities have been recently extended to include a hotel that is due to be inaugurated this summer.

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