Recommendations on food preservation and handling 

Handling recommendations and tips

The hospitality and restaurant sector has reached a level of professionalism that extends beyond creativity and seeking new flavours for dishes. Today restaurants also build their renown on organisation based on order, rigour and hygiene to guarantee that the food they sever to customers is totally safe.

How to preserve different types of foodstuff

Correct preservation of the food will satisfy a two-fold objective: Ensure optimal health and hygiene quality and reduce the level of losses due to deterioration of the food.

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Correctly organise the cold storage room

Araven provides some tips and good hygiene practices to organise the cold storage room, helping professionals carry out their daily work and improve food management in their kitchens.

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How to use the gastronorm grilles correctly?

Direct contact between the liquid or moisture given off the food and the actual food, must be avoided. One of the simplest mechanisms is the use of the grille.

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Tips for keeping eggs fresh in the kitchen

El huevo de granjas comerciales procede de gallinas sanitariamente controladas. Sin embargo, si la manipulación en la cocina no es la adecuada y no se respetan unas normas de higiene básicas podemos favorecer el crecimiento de microorganismos patógenos.

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Storage and preservation of bulk dry foods

When buying and preserving bulk foods at your restaurant it is important to know the conditions of the storage place and the possible risks, in order to avoid them. The market offers practical solutions to help avoid contaminations, eliminating any risk of food intoxication or unnecessary food wastage.

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Allergen management

As a result of the entry into force of the EU 1169/2011 Regulation, this article is going to look at the most relevant aspects in the control of allergens or foods that may cause food intolerance

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Preservation of sauces during handling in the kitchen

Foods that need chilled temperatures to be preserved should be stored quickly to maintain the cold chain. This is important not only to preserve the quality, nutritional and organoleptic properties of food products, but also maintain the food in adequate safety conditions.

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Food management in the professional kitchen

In professional kitchens receiving and keeping raw supplies in optimal conditions is a fundamental part of food management.

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Guides of products by type of food

<strong>Each type of food requires specific storage and handling conditions. </strong>Having the right equipment at hand will help you to achieve a dual objective: <em>to ensure optimal quality in terms of hygiene and health requirements and to reduce waste due to food spoilage.</em>

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