How to use the gastronorm grilles correctly?

Direct contact between the liquid or moisture given off the food and the actual food, must be avoided. One of the simplest mechanisms is the use of the grille.


Nowadays, all professional kitchens have the necessary elements and systems to favor maximum hygiene during handling and preservation processes. One of the objectives of preservation is to maintain the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the food throughout the entire process and in any environmental condition, so there must be a series of mechanisms and processes that help prevent these qualities from deteriorating. Some foodstuffs give off liquid and direct contact between this liquid or any moisture given off, and the foodstuff must be avoided. If not, this would generate the ideal conditions for microorganisms which could have an impact on consumers’ health.

One of the simplest mechanisms is the use of the grille, an undoubtedly essential element in any kitchen that carries out preservation processes. This is an element that is placed on the bottom of the container, favoring the drainage of the liquid to the bottom of the container, thus avoiding any contact between liquid and food, and thus reducing the ideal conditions for bacterial proliferation.

ARAVEN grilles help prevent any deterioration of the foodstuff during handling and preservation phases, and they satisfy the health and hygiene regulation that recommends avoiding contact between the food and the liquid given off.


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