Fast Food beige tray 458×355 mm./ 18 1/8″x14″x1″

Fast Food beige 458x355 mm./ 18 1/8"x14"x1" for serving food, in which great care has been taken with their design and functionality in order to satisfy the expectations of both serving and kitchen staff.
Araven trays can be used for any type of food and they come in different capacities with a great variety of sizes and finishes.
Strong, hardy serving trays designed for quick, easy cleaning. Araven’s line of serving trays are made of polypropylene, a highly resistant material which makes them ideal for quick-service, self-service restaurants and group catering services. These trays have a textured surface to prevent the contents from sliding. They are nestable and have support points that allow air to circulate between the trays when stacked, which helps them to dry correctly.


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Item Colors EAN Code Product dimensions in mm. LxWxH Box dimensions in mm. LxWxH Units per box Boxes per layer EURO 80x120x120 EURO 80x120x240 Capacity in liters
8411777610484 458x355x25 460x365x110 12 600 1260

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