How to recycle our products?

ARAVEN products are manufactured with:

✅100% recyclable materials
✅We use a single material for each component and/or product, and additionally,
✅Our products have easily separable components to facilitate recycling or valorization

Our products are classified as dense plastic waste, not packaging waste, so you should NOT deposit them in the packaging recycling container (yellow). To turn them into recycled material and give them a second life, they should be deposited in a designated collection point. ARAVEN also recommends extending the use of our products for as long as possible. Before disposing of any product, we encourage users to ask themselves the following questions: Can we give ARAVEN product a second life? Can we extend its useful life?

Often, we tend to dispose of products quickly due to aesthetic deterioration, but our advice is that if the product is not broken or contaminated, consider that it might still be used for alternative purposes, both inside and outside the kitchen.

Every moment the product stays with you means a reduction in waste generation, lower resource demand, and consequently, a smaller environmental impact on the planet. At ARAVEN, we contribute as well! Some of our products, such as recycled rubbish bins, are manufactured by reusing plastic waste generated from our productions.

You can find more information in our catalog about the materials we use in our products and how to identify them. And of course, if you have any ideas for reuse and want to help us make the Circular Economy a reality, don’t hesitate to send us any suggestions, ideas, or questions to this email