Innovation and sustainability in food service industry

Our aim is to develop our customers' businesses and the industry in general by ensuring kitchen efficiency and maximum food quality and helping to build sustainable businesses.

New concepts with a design geared towards functionality

We collaborate with food safety experts and chefs from all over the world who give us their point of view to ensure that the design of our products is geared towards functionality.

The user is at the core of our developments

We make the day-to-day work of hotel, restaurant and catering professionals easier with tools that are simple to use, convenient, sustainable and provide total food hygiene guarantees. Professional chefs are always at the core of our developments.

in the kitchen

Araven provides durable products made with materials and processes that are efficient and environment-friendly.

The 3Rs Rule

  • Reduce – We use the minimal amount of material to manufacture the item without this affecting its quality or functionality.
  • Reuse – We do not develop disposable or so-called “single-use” products.
  • Recycle – All Araven Hospitality/Food Service products are made with recyclable materials.

Araven's solutions for a more sustainable business


Reduces waste generation

We provide food preservation solutions to allow businesses to be more sustainable, with alternatives to the use of film, plastic or aluminium foil, thereby reducing waste generation.


Eliminate adhesive labels

Our containers have an integrated label and do not need any other stickers to identify the food stored inside.


Reduce food waste

Our airtight containers increase the useful life of foods thanks to their lid with a groove which allows the air inside the container to be partially expelled, reducing food oxidation and prolonging its useful life.


Solutions for waste management

Araven has specific bins for each type of waste, allowing waste sorting and disposal without impacting on the environment, in accordance with applicable EU regulations.