Legal warning and terms of use

I. Legal Information

In compliance with Art. 10 of  Act 34/2002, of 11 June, on information society services and on electronic commerce (LSSICE, by its Spanish name), we inform users that this website the Group’s parent company is:

  • Registered name: ARAVEN GROUP, S.L.
    • Registered office: 7, Montalbán Street, Postcode. 28014, Madrid
    • Tax Identification Number: B87705323
    • Telephone number: [910000000]
    • E-mail:
    • Data of record in the Business Register: [—]

Likewise,  the branches are the following:

  • Registered name: ARAVEN S.L.
    • Address:  San Miguel Industrial Area, 6 Río Martín Street – 50830 – Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza)
    • Tax Identification Number.: B99138950
    • Telephone number: 976465200
    • E-mail:
    • Data of record in the Business Register: Z-42851 Folio: 150 Tomo: 3472
    • Registered office:  2, Mariano Benlliure Street, (28521) – Rivas Vaciamadrid (MADRID)
    • Tax Identification Number: B-85330421
    • Telephone number:
    • E-mail:
    • Data of record in the Business Register: Z-42851 Folio: 150 Tomo: 3472

The terms ‘we’ or the ‘Company’ refer to Grupo ARAVEN or ARAVEN GROUP España, who is, worldwide, one of the biggest groups in the retail market in the world through three business divisions: Hostelry, Equipment and Home. It is composed of the societies GRUPO OM COMUNICACIÓN VISUAL S.L. and ARAVEN, S.L.  By its different companies and business lines, ARAVEN GROUP makes it easier and develops activities related to [different companies’ activities] (as a whole, we call them ‘our activities’).

In order to develop our activities, the Company uses several computer systems. In some cases, the Company provides its customers, supliers, workers, etc. with  a website (‘the Website’). The Website enables you to search or select the required section, of the GROUP or of its associated companies, so that they could access to the one in which they are intereses and meets their search or necessity. They can also access to any location or company they are interested in working with, if such was the case.

Lastly, this Policy refers to information about people such as You or the company you provide services with. It includes data about You, but also your opinions that have been expressed (for example, on the ‘reason for contact’ section). It does not refer to information about the Company (although ocassionally both could occur). This kind of information is called on some occasions ‘Personal information’, ‘Personal data’ or ‘Indentified or Indentifiable person’ although in this Policy the term ‘Personal Information’ will be used.

II. Subject and  Acceptance

These terms of use (the ‘terms of use’) rule the access and use of this website, which is owned by ARAVEN GROUP S.L., located in 2, Mariano Benlliure Street (28521) Rivas-Vaciamadrid, (hereinafter ‘ARAVEN GROUP, S.L.’, ‘we’ or ‘us’), including the available content through this website (the ‘website’).

Any person accessing the website (‘you’) accepts hereby the current terms of use at the momento of logging in and agrees to comply with them. Since the terms of use may occasionally change, the use of this website is submitted to the terms of use to be applicable on the date on which the website is being used. Check regularly the terms of use to make sure you accept them. If you do not accept them, do not use the website.

The available content on the website (the ‘content’) may be regulated by special conditions (‘special conditions’), that you accept every time that you access to this content. In the event of any conflict or incoherence between the terms of use and special conditions, special conditions prevail. Each time that you access to the website and the content, you accept these terms of use and the special conditions applicable to the content.

The website does not constitute and does not aim at constituting any advising source or any means to establish any kind of commercial relationship between you and us. The access to the website is temporarily allowed and we reserve the right to withdraw or modify the content given on the website without prior notice. Occasionally, we can limit access to some parts of the website or to the whole website.

We are not obliged to make the website available and ARAVEN GROUP will not be liable if, due to any reason, the websites stops being so, fully or partially, at any moment or for any term.


You voluntarily and  expressly recognise and admit that you are the only and exclusive responsible for the way in which you use the website.

You are responsible for taking all the necessary measures to access the website. You are also responsible for ensuring that any person accessing the website through your Internet connection know and comply with all these terms of use and the applicable special conditions.

If you choose or receive a user identification code, a password or any other information as part of our security procedures, you must consider this information as confidential and must not reveal it to third-parties.  ARAVEN GROUP is liable to disable at any moment any user identification code or password, notwithstanding they have been selected by you or given by us, if, in our view, you have breached any of the regulations in these terms of use.

When accessing to the website, you admit that you will not do any action which could harm our image, our interests or rights or those of our branches (‘Group ARAVEN GROUP’s companies’), or which could damage, disable or overload the website,or that can prevent in any way the regular use of the website by any other visitors.

ARAVEN GROUP has implemented reasonable security measures suitable to find viruses. You must be aware of the fact that the current security measures for computer systems on the Internet are not fully reliable and, therefore, we cannot ensure the inexistence of viruses or any other elements which may cause alterations in your systems’ hardware or software or on the data and files contained in your systems.

IV. Content

ARAVEN GROUP is neither obliged to check the accuracy of the content nor to ensure its usefulness, accuracy, integrity or suitability, or that such content is updated. Any liability derived from mistakes or omissions in the content or on the website are also excluded , except for the point in which this liability arises from frauds or fraudulent manifestations from our side or from deaths or injuries caused by our negligence.

In no way does content inclusion on the website constitutes the supply of staff services or of services of any other kind. ARAVEN GROUP and Group ARAVEN GROUP’s companies expressedly exclude any kind of liability for the decisions you have made from the content.

V. Purchase offer or application

Information given on the website does not constitute any purchase offer or application or will for the commercialization or transaction involving ARAVEN GROUP’s values. Investors mustn’t base on this information to make their decisions.

VI. Intellectual property rights.

All the content on the website belongs to ARAVEN GROUP or we are authorised to use it. Everything you see and read on the website (images, photos, illustrations, texts, video clips, etc.) is worlwide protected by regulations on authorship rights, design, commercial brands and other intelectual property laws. At any moment you must meet all the intellectual property rights of the website and of the content, whether being owned by us or by any of the Group ARAVEN GROUP’s companies or by third-parties. You mustn’t obtain or train to obtain the content by means of procedures different from the ones made available on the website.

In any case do these terms of use or the use of the website give you intellectual property rights on the website or on the content, except for the ones described here or in the special conditions. Therefore, it is expressedly forbidden to do any reproduction, transformation, distribution or public communication or to ease, extract, reuse, resend or use in any other forms by any mean sor procedure, any part of the website or the content, except in the way this terms of use or the special conditions allow, or when you are allowed to do so by any applicable law or when the owner of the corresponding rights has explicitly authorised you.

VII. Links

On the website there are links to other websites managed by third-parties non-associated to ARAVEN GROUP. The inclusion of any link to third-parties’ websites does not involve our approval of those website and we are not liable at all for any third-parties’ websites to be accessed from this website. We cannot check all the websites linked to the current website and we are not responsible for the content or the accuracy of external websites to this or any other webs containing links to the website. You log in to links or to other webs external to the website or to third-parties’ websites on your own liability.

Inclusion of links from third-parties’ websites  on the current website requires our prior written authorisation.

VIII. Personal Information

Your personal information collection and use are regulated by our privacy policy, which is included in these terms of use. Please, read out privacy policy for further information.

IX. ad Absence of guarantees and limitation of liability

We neither ensure nor defend that the website and/or the content are accurate, complete, free from mistakes or reliable or that the website and/or the content do not breach third-parties’ rights. We  neither ensure nor defend that the functional aspects of the website and/or the content are free from mistakes or that the servers making them available are free from viruses or any other damagign elements. You are responsible for the use of the website or the content, and everything that is provided on them is gives ‘as-is’ and ‘as it is available’, with no guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implicit. Insomuch applicable regulations allows, we will not liable for any los derived from or related with the use of the website or the content being it direct or indirect, accidental, resulting or of any other kind. For instance, we disclaim any liability for the loss of use, interruption of commercial activity, loss of profits or data loss, no matter the form of the action.

X.Applicable regulation and jurisdiction

Current terms of use and all the subjects related with this website and the content are ruled by the regulation in the country where services are received and are submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the regulation of courts in that country.

XI. Changes and modifications

The terms of use may occasionally change, so the use of this website is submitted to the terms of use being current at the moment of the access to the website and the content. Check regularly the terms of use to make sure you are familiar with them. Modifications will not be effective until they are published on these terms of use.

XII. Contact

Any enquiry, comment and application regarding the current legal warning and welcome and must be sent to ARAVEN GROUP, located in 2, Mariano Benlliure Street, 28521 – Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Madrid) – Spain or on the email address

This legal warning was updated on October 19, 2022.