Polycarbonate “BASIC” GN 1/4 h. 150 mm./6″ 3,8 L./3.9 qt.

The Araven GastroNorm 1/4 food pans are perfect for preservation, handling, exposure and service processes.

Along with the surface printing on the piece and with the use of the Araven Horeca Marker in order to write on this part of the container, we can identify the content, preserving the information associated with its origin or its handling (preparation, expiration or admissibility dates).

On their upper edge the containers are printed with the days of the week and time, so that at the handling table the operator can know the time and day of the expiration of the food marked during its preparation. 

The measuring strip in the containers allows the checking of the quantity of the contained liquids.  

Textured in the side corners to avoid the deterioration of the piece.


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