Set 3 sauce dispenser GN 1/9 Pump 30 ml.

Support 3 dispensers 1,5 L/1,6qt for sauces , dressings, syrups…Easy to fill so that condiments or dressings can be transferred in the required amount for dispensing. Reduces waste levels by pumping out only the amount required. Vertical dispenser: greater user convenience, no accidental spills. Shutoff valve keeps the pumping circuit closed, improving preservation of product in the container, even in cold storage.

This dispenser has a flow rate of 30 ml (1 oz) per press

Easy-to-clean, removable dispenser pump

Reduce el nivel de mermas
Reduce el nivel de mermas

It reduces the level of wastage and bacterial growth.

ItemColorsEAN CodeProduct dimensions in mm. LxWxHBox dimensions in mm. LxWxHUnits per boxBoxes per layerEURO 80x120x120EURO 80x120x240Capacity in liters

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