Standard shelving

ARAVEN shelving units are designed based on the recommendations of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS International Code of Good Practice regarding food health and hygiene. Ideal for HACCP self-management programs and schedules carried out in establishments handling food products. Designed taking into account food health and hygiene criteria: The quality of the materials used (PP and anodised aluminium), means that they are not affected by humidity, and are wholly suitable for use in the described atmospheres. The perforated shelves favor air circulation. Manufactured in polypropylene, they can be removed for safe washing in a dishwasher, avoiding possible accumulations of food remains in those areas in contact with containers and other food products.


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Dishwasher safe

The shelves can be washed in the dishwasher.


Max.Tem. +95 ºC +203ºF

Min. Tem. -40 ºC -40ºF


Min.Tem. ºC

Min.Tem. ºF

Perforated shelves

Perforated shelves for air circulation. Shelves completely removable for easy cleaning.

Shelf material: Polypropylene

Compliance with all European regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Easy assembly and disassembly, allows maintenance, cleaning, disinfection and monitoring. No tools required for assembly.

Good rigidity-tenacity balance. Robustness, hygiene, durability…

Adjustable and adjustable legs for total stability.

ItemColorsEAN CodeProduct dimensions in mm. LxWxHBox dimensions in mm. LxWxHUnits per boxBoxes per layerEURO 80x120x120EURO 80x120x240Capacity in liters

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