Polycarbonate square containers

The square shape optimises use of space when storing, without any wasted gaps. Side handles on the outside to facilitate handling and transport. Stackable with lid or nestable inside each other when empty, reducing the space used, easy to remove thanks to the support lines.


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Its ergonomic rim makes it easy to handle the bowl.

Scale content

Measuring strip and measuring indicator


High resistance to impact. Very tough, durable


High impact resistant material. Highly resistant, durable

The Migration Regulations establish limitations on the migration of substances in plastic materials in contact with foodstuffs. Araven complies with all the relevant regulations and their limitations on substances such as Bisphenol A.


Dishwasher safe



Dishwasher safe

The shelves can be washed in the dishwasher.

Migration Regulations

Araven complies with all Migration Regulations: Directive 2005/79/EU, Directive 2007/19/EU, Directive 2008/39/EU and Directive 2011/10/EU.


Maximum transparency for quick identification of the food and its condition.

Rounded edges

Its special design prevents the accumulation of debris and facilitates cleaning.

Textured corners and base protect the piece from scratches and knocks.


Colour coded to avoid cross-contamination. Araven Containers, thanks to their ColorClip identification, help prevent Cross Contamination, ensuring that the contents of this container will always be of the same nature: poultry, red meat, vegetables/fruits or fish.

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Temperature range

Temperatures from – 40ºC to +99ºC / -40ºF to +210ºF

Compliance with all European regulations

Compliance with all European regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

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