Gastronorm contact lid

The cover has two positions for closing: one with the clip and another by resting another container on top, which provides grater safety in the case of stacking. The Gastronorm size cover is dual-purpose as it can also be a tray.


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PC support cover: Cover + Cover = GN tray + Cover

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PC support cover: Cover + Cover = GN tray + Cover

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GN 1/1 polycarbonate contact lid

GN 1/2 contact lid

Gastronorm sizes

Products designed and manufactured according to the dimensions and specifications established in the EN 631.1 Standard. It allows the part to be registered in the oven guide and in any GastroNom housing.


Araven Hermetic products are NSF certified and are therefore included in the NSF product lists.


Dishwasher safe


Max.Tem. +95 ºC +203ºF

Min. Tem. -40 ºC -40ºF


High impact resistance

Very strong, durable.


Maximum transparency for quick identification of the food and its condition.

Migration Regulations

Araven complies with all Migration Regulations: Directive 2005/79/EU, Directive 2007/19/EU, Directive 2008/39/EU and Directive 2011/10/EU.


It can be closed bowl by bowl to adapt to the capacity required at any time. Double use of the lid: the lid is also a tray (GN 1/1 and GN 1/2). By simply turning the lid, it becomes a tray with GastroNorm measurements.

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Rounded edges

Its special design prevents the accumulation of debris and facilitates cleaning.

Compliance with all European regulations

Compliance with all European regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.


Its ergonomic rim makes it easy to handle the bowl.


High resistance to impact. Very tough, durable


High impact resistant material. Highly resistant, durable

ItemColorsEAN CodeProduct dimensions in mm. LxWxHBox dimensions in mm. LxWxHUnits per boxBoxes per layerEURO 80x120x120EURO 80x120x240Capacity in liters

ItemColorsEAN CodeProduct dimensions in inch LxWxHBox dimensions in inch. LxWxHUnits per boxBoxes per layerEURO 80x120x120EURO 80x120x240Capacity Oz.
841177709824412 3/4x10 7/16x3/4 13x11 1/8x3/8685761200
841177709829920 3/4x12 3/4x3/4 21 1/4x13 1/4x3/865360750

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