332,5 Ø Round silicone lid

332,5 Ø Round silicone lid allow food to be preserved with all the necessary food hygiene guarantees. Thanks to their vacuum effect, air can be partially removed from the container affording better food protection, prolonging the useful life of food and ensuring there are no odours. The lid material is extremely flexible which means that it adapts to different surfaces and materials. The lid can be used to cover all types of containers: bowls, pans, plates, etc. It is compatible with all types of materials: polypropylene, polycarbonate, steel, porcelain, glass… The lid adjusts to the rim of the bowl, pan, etc., ensuring total product tightness. It can be used for cooking, heating up or regenerating in a conventional oven or a microwave oven. It is apt for use in ovens and it can also be used in microwave ovens, reducing cooking times and allowing energy savings.

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Item Colors EAN Code Product dimensions in mm. LxWxH Box dimensions in mm. LxWxH Units per box Boxes per layer EURO 80x120x120 EURO 80x120x240 Capacity in liters
8411777910058 332,5x 35 mm 10

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