The Foods of Plant Origin Research Group at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zaragoza analyzed chicken breast samples over a period of six days that were stored in four of the market’s top-rated and top-selling containers. They found that Araven’s containers were the best at protecting food from external contamination.

Correct preservation of food prolongs its useful life and enables Horeca professionals to reduce wastage and save on costs. Araven airtight containers contribute to improving food management in this sector. 



In a study carried out by the University of Zaragoza (Spain), it was found that the ColorClip airtight containers made by the spanish firm Araven and designed for the hotel, restaurant and catering (Horeca) industry, prolong the useful life of food more than those of their competitors, preventing external contamination and microbial load development inside them, as well as complying with all current health and hygiene regulations. The analysis carried out by the FPO Research Group of the Veterinary Faculty monitored the evolution of samples of chicken breast and sunflower oil in four different containers.

Several slices of chicken from the same source and with same the slaughter date and microbial load were placed in four containers for six days (Araven’s ColorClip container and a further three top-rated, top-selling containers in the national and international market). During this period the external appearance of the chicken was analyzed, i.e., colour and texture and also its fresh-chicken aroma and the presence of microorganisms (total aerobic mesophilic and total aerobic psychrotrophic microorganisms and Enterobacteriaceae), bearing in mind that chicken meat has a short useful life and hence a good airtight container can improve its state of preservation.

The Research Group found that the ColourClip container afforded advantages over the competitors’ containers. The pieces of meat kept in Araven’s airtight containers maintained a better characteristic aroma of fresh chicken, the edges of the slice dried out less and they acquired a less yellowish tone.

The study by the University of Zaragoza showed that the products stored in an Araven airtight container, compared to the products stored in the rest of the containers studied, keep fresh for a longer time and there is less natural deterioration because they are protected from physical and chemical agents.

Amongst other conclusions, the analysis indicated that the growth of Enterobacteriaceae in competitors’ containers was 1.4 log-units higher than that registered for Araven’s containers. This is because the 100% airtight seal of the Spanish company’s containers improves the preservation of food.



The analysis of the characteristics of these containers was completed by monitoring samples of sunflower oil.  500 ml samples of this type of oil were stored in four different containers for 90 days in order to observe the degree of oxidation of the product. Oils and fats go rancid due to a degradation or loss of useful life, which is detected by means of the senses when easily detectable volatile compounds arise. Exposure of oils and fats to high temperatures speeds up the oxidation of compounds.

In this case too, Araven ColorClip manages to delay the oxidation of fatty acids, thanks to its double airtight seal. The study carried out by the University of Zaragoza, also highlights the fact that the materials with which containers are made play an important part in food safety.

“Sunflower oil was stored in the container and kept in an oven at 60ºC, with a circular stream of air.  The double airtight seal protects the product from oxidation caused by the presence of oxygen, obtaining higher induction times (oxidative stability test) (the greater the induction time, the less product rancidity)”, as was pointed out by the FPO Research Group at the University of Zaragoza.

According to the authors of the study, the data from the sensory analysis  by a panel of tasters, corroborated the data obtained in the oxidative stability test, showing that “the oil stored in Araven ColorClip underwent least oxidation over the storage period and was that in which the testers perceived  the least intensity of smells of volatile acids (acetic and formic acid), which are indicators of the oxidation of the fatty acids in oil”

Araven, a company of international scope, focuses on developing easy-to-use, convenient, versatile work tools for professionals in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. With this aim in mind it has developed its containers in GastroNorm sizes with a dual airtight seal and an integrated traceability label, making them ideal for preserving food in this sector.

Prolonging the useful life of food enables professionals to reduce wastage and to save on costs. Araven’s airtight containers help to improve food management in the Horeca sector.

The tightness of the whole range of ColorClip containers avoids spills of liquids and also the smells given off by raw ingredients or prepared food.

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