New European strategy on plastic waste

On 16 January 2018 the European Commission approved its strategy on plastics with the aim of reducing their impact on the environment and taking the lead in the transition towards a more circular economy based on reuse and recycling that will generate new investment opportunities and jobs. Under the new plans, all plastic packaging on … Continued

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Food handling

Mixing bowls and colanders, basic kitchen utensils in foodservice

When we think of kitchen utensils there is one that is in all professional kitchens; mixing bowls. Bowls are versatile tools in the kitchen which help us to handle and prepare food. They can be found in various sizes and capacities and made of various materials such as stainless steel with plastic being the preferred … Continued

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ENRIQUE OLVERA joins the campaign “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”

Araven is adding Enrique Olvera, the prestigious Mexican chef who is ranked number 5 in Latin America, to its brand. The chef will take part in the campaign “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”, with which the Spanish company aims to strengthen collaboration with national and international chefs. The chef will take part in the … Continued

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The importance of transporting perishable foods at the correct temperature

The cold chain, a key element in food safety. The cold chain is the set of necessary steps after the process of cooling or freezing food so that it reaches the consumer safely. It includes a whole set of elements and activities necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of food, from its origin to … Continued

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Service and display

Cups and glasses for use outdoors which look like glass

SAFETY AND QUALITY IN OUTDOOR DINING IS POSSIBLE WITH ARAVEN’S POLYCARBONATE CUP AND GLASS The cups and glasses, perfect for tourist complexes, swimming pools or campsites, are reusable and respectful towards the environment, avoiding plastic waste being produced in these areas Their transparency and classic design make them elegant- the customer can barely notice the difference … Continued

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Preservation of sauces during handling in the kitchen

Foods that need chilled temperatures to be preserved should be stored quickly to maintain the cold chain. This is important not only to preserve the quality, nutritional and organoleptic properties of food products, but also maintain the food in adequate safety conditions. Food is affected mainly by the action of bacteria, which are very active … Continued

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