Araven celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Colorclip with more transparency than ever



Araven celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Colorclip with more transparency than ever.
The Aragonese company, Araven, which markets organisation and storage items both for domestic and professional use, is celebrating an Anniversary. Its traditional ColorClips, with which it has conquered the best kitchens in the world, are 20 years old.
These famous polypropylene airtight containers permit preserving food with all hygiene and health guarantees. Crossed contamination is avoided thanks to their colour identification, ensuring that they always contain the same type of product. Thus, red is for meat, green for vegetables, yellow for chicken, blue for fish and purple to prevent food intolerances and allergies.
The transparency of the ColorClips airtight containers has been improved, making it perfectly easy to identify the food and its state. A permanent label on the container enables us to describe the product preserved in the container, maintaining all the food guarantees. Moreover, this product has the NSF Food Safety certificate.
So, to celebrate this anniversary, the Aragonese company has dressed its famous airtight container in gold, and it has improved the product by making it more transparent. Araven will give away this limited edition to its chefs and customers all over the world. And for the celebration to be complete, the most famous chefs will sign the Gold 20 Anniversary, which will be placed in a special display cabinet.
The traditional product has been offering quality in the best kitchens all over the world for two decades.

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